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He is in charge of the artistic programming of the Festival. From the selection of the central theme for each year, the works, the artists, to the design of all the activities offered in our different projects.

Artistic Direction


Every year, and based on the central theme, our research team carries out an immersion that gives rise to the articulation of the practice and teaching of the cello with the themes proposed by the artistic direction. Here we build bridges with other languages and artistic expressions, setting the course of our pedagogical work.

Additionally, we generate content to support teaching and design the agenda of the Pedagogy Workshop.

Research and Pedagogy


Year after year we work together with our allied agency, LAMEDIA, in the design of an image that communicates in the most profound and effective way the spirit of each edition of the Festival and all the projects that comprise it.

We generate audiovisual content that allows us to tell the world what we do and we design strategies to integrate new communities into our ecosystem.

design and



Making our dreams come true requires a great team, in charge of managing the spaces and resources necessary to carry out all our activities, from pre-production sessions to the grand assembly of our Closing Concert.

Ours is a multidisciplinary team that integrates producers, logisticians and sound engineers, among many other professions.


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