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A dream come true

“In 2002 I had just graduated from the Conservatory of Music of the National University and by then the student meetings had already caught my attention.

At that time I had some training processes with children and young people and I wondered about the possibility of weaving ties between them, seeking an experience that went beyond the classroom and that, from making music together, would build a space to enjoy, share and learn.

Thus we held the first edition of the Meeting of Little Cellists, with a very great love for the multiple possibilities interwoven with pedagogy and music, with the intuition of giving it continuity by calling it the first meeting, but far from imagining how far this idea would grow. .

But the cellists grew and among themselves, by the fourth year, they commented and decided that they were not small, so for the fifth edition we installed a name with which they felt identified and it stuck  Great Meeting of Cellists.

It took us several years to learn to do what we have achieved, taking on challenges, reflecting on mistakes, without a doubt we have taken flight and are flying high, but we have new horizons, we want to become a mandatory festival on the agenda of outstanding Latin American festivals . 

We want to weave the entire community of cellists in the country into a network that promotes its own school of thought, that is, teachers who investigate and find their own ways to enrich our work and bravely assume the task of contributing to the country, a generation of cellist musicians who are more solid as artists, more active, more committed to personal and social growth at the same level as artistic growth.”

Sandra Parra Cobaleda

Creator and Director of GECH

Each edition mthousands of stories

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